To play is to learn.

We believe in the power of games. When we were kids, we learned everything from games-- how to move, how to strategize, how to imagine, and how to get along with others. But somewhere along the line, play became work, and we forgot how to do the thing most essential to our growing understanding of the world. The challenges of adulthood became "too important" to play with, and we were taught to be serious, cautious and focused. 

The problem is that this notion goes against everything we know about how our brains actually work.

When we tackle problems in the abstract through play, we solve them more creatively, with more persistence, and with less stress. Our productivity goes up, and our fatigue goes down. By training ourselves to play at work, we will revolutionize our organizations, our social circles, and our communities. 

At Inception Labs, we help organizations solve some of their biggest issues by developing games and simulations that empower employees to think outside the box, dream up big solutions, and see around corners. 

Employees of the happiest, most respected companies in the world play at work. Want to be like them?