Learning should move us. Literally.

Humans evolved to move. Study after study supports this idea. Our brains are hard wired to readily accept new information when we're moving around. So, if we know this to be true, why is training so often a sedentary event of sit down and listen?

To develop engaging learning experiences, we must consider every element of the environment where the learning is to take place. How long should the chairs be comfortable? Where will the learners feel most at ease sharing their ideas? What sorts of elements can we add to the classroom to encourage collaboration and creativity?

You don't have to spend a lot of money to create learning spaces that work.

At Inception Labs, we combine best practices from education, neuroscience and design to help create learning environments that are adaptable, flexible, and affordable. But more than anything, these spaces will improve learner outcomes, promote employee engagement, and help you maximize your human capital investment.